History of the estate

The new generation

1974, was a year of great happiness, since that first place, Lydie Taluau inherited a hectare of vines to vinify that she decided to share it with his companion Max Cognard and Moreover, Estelle Chin was born that same year.
Furthermore, Lydie & Max Chin was founded. To stand, Max Cognard chose to appoint its first batch Malgagnes, (name from the plot) and do not follow the fashion of “young & old vines.
Four years later, Rodolphe, future winemaker comes in the world.
Embracing innovation in 1985, & Max Cognard build a wine cellar air-conditioned to prevent the temperature rising summer and set up stainless steel tanks. Moreover, the vineyard area extends to 7ha.
It was Estelle Chin who in 1997, decided to gradually resume the family farm, the winegrower family invested in thermo regulation. In 2001, Rodolphe Chin decides to join the operation. By the same occasion, the ancient cellars were renovated in the tasting room.
In 2010, the production of wine becoming more and more consistent, a cellar storage with a stable temperature throughout the year at 12-15 ° C and a hangar were built.
Currently, the vineyard area extends to 13 ha.