Our vintages


AOC Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil 

Estelle & La Vinée
Seven hectares of sandy soils with vines from 25-30 years that allow production of about 50 000 bottles and 12 000 half.
A soft and fruity wine.
Drink away or drink within 2-3 years.


Les Malgagnes
Two hectares on clayey-siliceous soils and vineyards around 40 years old that allow a production of about 8000 bottles. It’s a terroir wine of character. The terroir gave its name to this wine. It’s the complex wild berry flavour which introduce a fleshy and concentred mouth extracted whith appropriateness.
This is a wine to keep, it will keep from 8 to 10 years. To be assessed at its fair value, three years after its bottling are needed.

A.O.C Bourgueil

One hectare on a clay-limestone soil + hectares two and sixty on sandy soils and gravel.

Production of 3000 bottles.
A wine aroma, vinous, dry but greasy in the mouth (through breeding on the lees).
Aged 4 to 5 months on the Lees.




Les Tuffes
Vines about 25 years = 16 000 bottle production
Argilo-calcareous terroir that gives this wine a more manly, very structured.
An intermediate wine between Estelle and Les Malgagnes cuvée for tannins.
A wine of semi keeps, 4 to 5 years after its bottling will enable it to be at its peak.


Vineyards around 40 years old = production of about 4000 bottles.
Soil clay-limestone, This wine is more structured than Les Malgagnes. Max, does treading. He likes it. After the alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation the wine goes into the burgundy barrel fora long maturing that softens and melts the tannins. For the kind of wine, ageing brings out the fruit flavours. The wine’s body is altered during maturing, and new aromas appear. With a cherries in brandy and spices complex nos and mouth this wine will be perfect with rosini tournedos, royal hare …

It’s a wine to keep, it will keep from 10 to 15 years.

Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil appellation (BIB 5 or 10 liters)

0.5 hectares of sandy soils.

A soft, fruity and lively wine.
Drink away, keeps cool 3 months.

A.O.C Bourgueil red (BIB 5 or 10 liters)

0.5 hectares of soil clay and limestone.
A light wine with asphalt and fleshy tannins.
Drink away, keeps cool 3 months.

A.O.C Bourgueil Rose (BIB 5 liters)

A structured and fresh wine. Drink away, keeps cool 3 months.


Sparkling Wine

Euphorie Rose Extra Brut

The grape varieties are: 20% Grolleau, 20% Pineau d’aunis, Gamay, 20% Cabernet Franc 40%
That represents a production of 5000 bottles.
A fruity nose, persistent and fine bubbles in the mouth with this acidity which gives lightness.
Drink away, a potential 1-3 years.